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MiniCat offers a perfectly engineered lineup with four different sizes in eight models, available in a range of appealing color combinations, and complementary accessories. With versions catering to every level of sailor, from beginners to experienced semi-professional sailors, there's a MiniCat that suits everyone's needs.


R 90,999.99

Introducing the GUPPY, MiniCat's remarkable entry-level model. With its unique design, weighing just 27 kg, this ultra-light catamaran can be set up in just 10 minutes. The GUPPY's swift and straightforward assembly combined with its easy maneuverability is especially appealing to aspiring sailors eager to learn the ropes while having a blast on the water.

At the heart of the GUPPY's design lies its flexible composite mast, seamlessly attached to the frame without any anchoring lines. This feature ensures heightened safety during strong winds, as the mast flexes, preventing it from capsizing easily.

Technical Specifications

We understand the unique needs of our customers, that's why we offer you a comprehensive collection of spare sailing parts and accessories for all MiniCat models.

Discover the most sought-after accessories for all MiniCat models, including a mast float, additional trampoline for expanded space and convenient luggage storage, a transport trolley to effortlessly move your boat, a trapeze set for adventurous maneuvers, and inflatable seats for added comfort.

Maximize your MiniCat adventure and streamline your experience by ordering your accessories alongside your MiniCat purchase. Not only does this ensure you have everything you need for an unforgettable sailing journey, but it also allows you to saves you shipping costs.

Elevate your sailing experience with MiniCat – where every accessory is crafted with your satisfaction and sailing pleasure in mind.

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