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MiniCat Worldwide warrant that all products and parts are free from manufacturing defects. Any defected parts will be replaced or repaired within a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. 

All MiniCat models are covered by a 24-month warranty. Additionally, there is a 7-year warranty on the boat-skin

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MiniCat Worldwide's warranty excludes any damage caused by accidents, negligent usage, unsuitable handling (including transport), general wear and tear or lack of maintenance. There are instructions on how to take care of your MiniCat in the printed assembly manual you received with your MiniCat. Please read and follow the instructions. 

*If your boat arrives in visibly damaged boxes, please immediately detail the damage on the paper slip you sign for the driver. Be sure to take photos of the damaged boxes, unpack them and check for any damage inside, if there is damage you must take detailed photos. Immediately forward these photos to MiniCat Worldwide or to your distributor so the damage can be claimed on the shipper. 

N.B. To be considered for validity by the shippers, any claim for shipping damage must be made within 48hrs of delivery.


The warranty covers the original owner who has registered for warranty on MiniCat Worldwide's website

within 30 days of their purchase. In case the boat is sold to a new owner whilst within the 24-month warranty, the balance of the 24 months is transferable to the new owner only on condition that MiniCat Worldwide is informed about the transfer. The new owner must register their MiniCat at: with the HIN number of their boat and their details (name, address, email, telephone number). 

If you are concerned about something on your MiniCat and you are not sure whether this is covered or not covered by the 24-month warranty, it is best to submit your claim and MiniCat Worldwide will let you know whether the claimed issue is covered by the warranty or not. Please complete the Warranty Form that you can download here or directly on MiniCat Worldwide's website and email it to with the photos/video of the damaged parts (photos no larger than 5 Mb). 

MiniCat Worldwide will then inform you if your warranty claim was accepted and how to proceed. 

  • In the event that the warranty claim is accepted, shipping and handling charges for receiving the parts back in the factory located in Czech Republic for repair are not covered by warranty and must be covered by the customer. MiniCat Worldwide will cover the repair and shipping charges for sending the parts back to you. 

  • In the event that the warranty claim is not accepted, the repair, shipping and handling charges both ways are not covered by MiniCat Worldwide and will be charged to the customer. 


MiniCat Worldwide will always contact you before carrying out the repairs to inform you and give you an estimate quote for the repair and shipping. 

Any modifications or addition of unauthorized accessories made to your MiniCat will render the warranty entirely invalid. The warranty is valid only on boats that remain in the same form as they were designed and produced, modifications using unofficial parts and accessories are not recommended by MiniCat and will invalidate the warranty.


Safety first – do not use your MiniCat beyond the design limitations or in adverse conditions – MiniCat is a Category D sailboat.

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