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Combining the best elements of a sailing catamaran and inflatable technology, Minicat is a high-performance, ultra-light catamaran with exceptional sailing characteristics and user-friendly maneuverability, offering maximum enjoyment and satisfaction. Designed and manufactured in Europe, the impressive range of MiniCat models is built using high quality and durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Imagine the convenience of a boat that can be effortlessly stored in the cupboard or under your bed and loaded into the car, camper, or plane whenever the urge for adventure strikes. Whether it's a compact model requiring just one bag or a larger variant with two, or three, MiniCat is the epitome of a portable boat. Say goodbye to the hassles of boat storage fees and mooring expenses, and experience the joy of sailing without the stress or additional costs.

Discover the freedom and versatility of MiniCat, the world's favourite portable sailboat.

Easy to transport

All models weigh as little as 27 to 60 kg, conveniently packed into 1 to 3 easy-to-transport bags.

Fast to assemble

All models can be assembled single-handedly in 10 to 45 minutes, with no extra tools required.

Simple to use

All models have exceptional sailing characteristics and user-friendly maneuverability.

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